Tuesday, March 20, 2012


        The new boy was huge; like a linebacker and I could tell he was young, maybe a year or so older than me. His features were perfect, even in their state of pissed off attitude; his well defined cheekbones and perfectly symmetrical face made him beautiful beyond words and his square jaw tensed visibly, even from across the street. But what I couldn’t get passed were his lips, full and sensual; could he be my first kiss? Not likely, with Mandy two houses down from mine; long blonde curls and a body like the playmate of the year. My hair was a mousy brown and flat as a board, nothing about me stood out, except maybe that I was an average girl of average height. Who would choose me over her? Especially not him; him, with his broad shoulders, and perfect pouty lips even more exaggerated with his demeanor.